Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia is a liquid under pressure, which is used, in its liquid form and gaseous form. The product vaporizes in release and / or exposure to the atmosphere. It is used in various industries like Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Refrigeration among others. The chemical formula of the product for Ammonia is NH3 and its UN No. is 1005 and CAS registry is 7664-41-7. The product is sold in cylinders of varying capacity ranging from 40 to 60 Kg.

Anhydrous Ammonia - Packaging Material

  1. Cylinders of Capacity 40 Kg, 50 Kg and 60 Kg
  2. Tonners of Capacity 400 Kgs
  3. IMO-5 Tanks
  4. Tankers of Capacity 6 M.T /10 M.T/15 M.T etc